Eloy Barragan Teacher

“I believe ballet technique – one of the most demanding forms of dance to study, and one often perceived as exclusive and limiting – needs to be accessible. I endeavor to help students establish, strengthen and explore basic principles of movement such as breath, focus, and movements that underlie ballet technique, since such in-depth personal study of the body is vital for dancers to experience. I view the dance studio as a place to encourage development, challenge the mind and body, accept limitations, and celebrate accomplishments.” – Eloy Barragán

In over two decades of teaching, Eloy Barragán has developed a distinctive, systematic, and highly effective approach to dance education. His technique classes combine his years of traditional systematic training in the Cuban/Russian Methods, the ABT National Training Curriculum, which embraces the Russian, French and Italian schools, and his professional dance experience to incorporate contemporary language with the wisdom of classical ballet techniques and traditions.

Eloy has served as a teacher for many prestigious institutions including Beijing Dance Academy- China; Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music in NYC, National Conservatory Superior de Paris, France; University of California, Irvine; Jose Limon Dance Company, The National Ballet Company of Mexico, National Ballet of Panama, National Ballet of Puerto Rico, American Collegiate Dance Festivals, Southern Methodist University and the National Ballet School of Mexico.

The understanding and awareness of the dancer body is fundamental to Eloy’s pedagogy. His entire syllabus is constructed to demand constant correct skeletal alignment of posture, turn out, placement and proper weight distribution.

Eloy structures his technique classes in a progressive manner by leading students from slow and simple to quicker more intricate combinations thereby ensuring students are prepared to execute the present classroom demands of ballet technique,

Eloy offers repertory workshops to anybody interested—from dance professionals to complete dance novices—in the chance to rehearse and perform in the studio and on stage. He emphasizes to his students to never forget that ballet is first and foremost a performing art.

The constant evolution of methods and skills in ballet technique drives Eloy forward as a dance teacher. He has a heartfelt passion for dance and a desire to create the right classroom environment for the improvement and transformation of his students’ talents. Eloy genuinely wants to help his students grow into artists, ambassadors of dance, and knowledgeable people who use their creativity to be active and involved in life, culture, and the community.

Private lessons can be arranged with Eloy to focus individually on developing technique, improving the basics, coaching artistry, and facilitating personalized attention in all areas of dancing. Eloy is available choreograph for professional Dance competition and coaching.