July 5, 2008 – Dancing with Soul

His determination is rare, said Eloy Barragan, assistant dance professor at the University of Iowa.

“Iowa City has a lot of talent, a young talent, but Alex has something very unique, he has maturity and dedication and is committed to what he wants,” Barragan said. –PRESS CITIZEN

May 5, 2008 – UIOWA FYI Profiles

Eloy Barragan, a University of Iowa dance professor, and Sarah Barragan, UI Youth Ballet artistic director, are never far from the UI Department of Dance, as their careers demand all of their time and energy. As mentors, teachers, and choreographers, these two share with their students an education of tendus, grand jetes, and arabesques. —UIOWA PRESS

April 9, 2008
The Creative Joy in Richmond Ballet’s New Works Festival

In luscious red costumes (also by Cobus, who made sweeping, flamenco-style skirts that came on and off the women, layered over red shorts), eight dancers perform Barragán’s “Y Por Ti…” with an infectious joy. With a light, deft touch, Barragán mingles traditional Spanish forms with classical vocabulary: swiveling hips, stamps, and flicks of wrists ornamenting sprightly, loose movement full of air. Certain pairings offer glimpses of passion in all its breadth. From big jumps through the warm light, a group might assemble upstage and then turn to advance on the audience, chins titled down, faces lit by knowing smiles. Delicious. —STYLE

Sunday July 15, 2012

A review from Oberon’s Grove on THE LATIN CHOREOGRAPHERS FESTIVAL  “Tree”

“Eloy Barragan has crafted a glorious solo Tree which was danced with rhapsodic expressiveness by Steven Gray. The dancer, clad in billowy pajama-pants, filled the space with free-flowing movement; every muscle of his godlike torso became a means of communication – even when his back was to us. The rapturous Max Richter score propelled the dancer thru this hymn to nature. A poetic interlude, so persuasively danced.”